Our Mission

Mercy exists to
introduce young families to Jesus Christ, and equip them to influence their world.   

Our Vision

To carry Jesus' love and presence to our community and world by carrying not only the written proclamation of Christ's coming kingdom, but also physical signs of His kingdom into our community and world. That happens through not only reaching out to people with the truth of God's word, but also by tangibly loving people, blessing our community and world by meeting needs right where they are, and carrying physical signs of Christ's coming kingdom to the world around us as we go.

Our Approach

We're working to equip each person in the church with resources, skills and opportunities to be involved in God's work in this world...that means both inside and outside Mercy Baptist Church! While He could have done everything Himself, Jesus instead spent time with His followers here on earth, teaching and training them, showing them through His example and then giving them opportunities to do the works of God in the lives of people around them. Our desire is to follow Jesus' pattern of equipping and sending believers out to reach the world.
Our Community

Often churches are places where people barely know each other beyond the surface. Our longing is for Mercy to be a place where people can drop their masks and lose their loneliness, for our church to be a place where people of all life's stages discover fulfilling friendships and the joy of authentic community.

What We Believe

Mercy holds too, and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Read more

What Denomination is Mercy?

Mercy is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. In the early stages of Mercy's life, the leadership team observed that the Horry County area was well-served by more traditional Baptist churches and would benefit from a church that operated with the same truth but presented that truth in a different way. Our intention is not to compete, but rather to partner with all the churches in our area in reaching our community for Christ.

Meet The Crew  at MercyBC

David S. Avant
Lead Pastor

Button Boyd

Jason Coker
Youth Leader​​​​

Blake McCormick
Praise Band Leader

Dalton Jones
Derek McCormick
Emily Harrelson​
Praise Band​​​

Emily Harrelson
kidsLIFE Director

Dorothy Sherman
Estelle Robinson
Taylor Avant McCormick​​
kidsLIFE Staff

Janet McFarlin
Hospitality Directors

Dee Shearin
Estelle Robinson​
Outreach Coordinators

Ernie Roberts
Mary Ellen Roberts
Will Harrelson​​

Building and Grounds

George Robinson, Jr.
Camera Technician

Carly Graham
Lee Sherman
James Jordan


George Robinson Jr.

Dee Shearin
James Jordan​

Bus Drivers​​​​​​​

Lori Avant
L-A-C-E Group
(Ladies' Missions)

Angie Dillon
Child Development Center - Director
About Mercy