New to Mercy?

First of all....
We're excited that you're considering visiting MercyBC! Mercy is a pretty laid back place, and it's done that way intentionally. We want you to be able to come hang out, hear the truth of God's word taught, meet some new friends, and connect with God. With that in mind, we want you to come just as you are. To help you have an idea of what you'll find, here's a quick list of what you can expect:
1. A relaxed approach...
We understand it can be intimidating to visit a new church. We want to take away as many barriers as we can, like, "What do I wear?" or "I'm not going to know anybody." In terms of what to wear, you'll see everything from blue jeans to business suits, from flip flops to high heels. We know God is much more concerned with a person's heart than their clothes. And as
far as not knowing anybody, we think that you'll find that the people that attend Mercy are pretty ordinary people (in a South Carolina kind of way).

Relevant teaching ...
We live in a real world with real problems and there is no reason to pretend otherwise. Fortunately, God has given us real solutions in the Bible. Our approach to teaching the Bible is to discover together the truth of God's word and then find attainable ways to apply that truth to the situations we face in daily life.

True worship...
While we lean toward the approachability and transparency of contemporary worship music, we also embrace the rich theology and heritage of traditional hymns. For us, the issue is not either/or, but rather both/and. Rather than being defined by a style, our desire is to lead our people with substance. The truth of the matter is that everybody worships. It really is a natural thing. We all express love, admiration, devotion, honor, and praise. So the question isn't "how do you worship?" but rather "whom do you worship?"

A place to get involved...
For many, church is a place to come, be comfortable and to observe the work done by others. We don't see it that way. Rather, our goal is to equip each person in our church with the essentials of the gospel message as well as basic ministry skills. We will then release each person to use the gifts, opportunities and relationships God has given them to reach out to the world in creative ways.
What we Believe
For a quick idea of what we believe, visit our about page

Ministries at Mercy
MercyBC is focused on reaching Young Families. This means that all of our different ministries are aimed at helping us reach this goal! We think that rather than having a thousand mediocre ministries running, we'd rather have a few that are run well, and because of that we honestly just don't spend a whole ton of time chasing things other those specific things which help us reach our goal. Check out a quick listing on the groups page